[T.T.D] Blacktwins

Aaron Grandison-Vargas​

Aaron Grandison-Vargas “Blacktwins” started competing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Toronto Ontario, Canada. With the release of Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, Aaron has quickly risen to become one of Ontario’s strongest players. In March of 2016, Aaron officially joined Logic Gate Studios as a sponsored athlete.

LGS has helped Blacktwins attend major events in Ontario, Quebec and the United States. He has obtained wins over Ally, Zinoto, San, Seagull Joe, Holy, Super Girl Kels, Venom, V115, KID Goggles, PikaPika!, Sethsational, Technology and many more top level players!

Aaron puts forward great amount of effort to improve the Ontario smash scene. He helps tournament organizers by volunteering his time and for a long time has ran the Codename Salty Bets weekly series. He also puts his vast knowledge of the Smash community to great use by offering assistance in seeding for Ontario’s major tournaments to ensure all players have a great tournament experience. The Ontario Smash scene truly respects Aaron as a leader with a great head on his shoulders.