New LGS Patreon Rewards Introduce Tiered Badges

We have given our Patreon rewards some careful thought for 2017 and have decided to introduce a tiered badge system! In this post, we will break down why the rewards are changing and what makes these changes an improvement.

Everyone Loves The Badges!

According to what our patrons have told us, they really loved the concept of having a badge next to their name on stream. It symbolizes their patronage and desire to help vitalize what Logic Gate Studios offers to the community. Patrons feel a sense of pride when they are contributing to the community and receiving recognition for it. We decided to expand this sense of recognition by incorporated a tiered badge system. The more you pledge, the higher your badge upgrades!

Why are we changing the Patreon rewards?

We have been told numerous times that the $10 and $20 rewards didn’t provide enough value. Early YouTube access didn’t have the opportunity to be leveraged since the creative content videos being released were stretched out on a long release schedule. We simply do not have the capacity to push out enough creative content to make this perk worth it.

The $20 reward used to allow a player to get a stream match analysed by a Power Ranked player of their choice. we wanted experienced players to guide the rookies down a path of improvement. However this really boiled down to the fact that we have a community that are almost all friends with each other. It is feasible for one of these players to receive analyse without much effort. The top ranked players are all friendly and approachable people that would gladly provide help free of charge to their community members. This perk didn’t fit well with the dynamic of our community.

Finally, we recognized a small flaw with the previous $5 reward. The badges were too biased to the people that attend events. If you aren’t from Ontario, it made very little sense to pledge for the sake of the badge since you wouldn’t have a chance to use it. We are adding a secondary perk to the $5 reward which will remedy this issue. We will explain further below so without further adieu, lets get into the new Patreon rewards!

Tiered Patreon Badges

Previously, this perk would only provide value to people that attend events we broadcast. For this reason, we are going to include a role on the Ontario Smash 4 Discord group that will mark you as a patron of LGS! This way it can be shown that you help support us without having the limitation of doing so only when you play on stream or commentate. Your name will also be listed on stream on a Patreon screen during stream downtime and at the end of the broadcast! The screen will group patrons by their tier, so the higher you pledge, the more your name stands out!

$5 – Bronze

When a patron pledges $5 to Logic Gate Studios, they gain access to the Bronze badge. All current patrons donating at least $5 will have the Bronze badge displayed next to their name during a stream match and commentary.

$10 – Silver

You get the same perks as Bronze however you upgrade your badge from Bronze to Silver! This will also be reflected on the Discord group and on stream when we show the Patreon screen.

$15 – Gold

Further upgrade your badge to Gold with the $15 reward. You get a shiny new badge as well as upgraded recognition on the Patreon screen during live streams.

$20 – Diamond

You can get the highest quality badge in the tiered system by pledging $20 or more. Their will be a Diamond exclusive Patreon screen on stream and you will receive a personal shoutout on Logic Gate Studios.

Patreon Badges Release Schedule

We plan to release the tiered badges in time for The Etch Test Arcadian on January 28th. In the meantime, the badges will remain the same. However, keep an eye out on the Smash on Tap weeklies, if development is completed sooner than scheduled, we will be able to have these changes live before the 28th. We will continue to keep you posted on the release.

With all that said and done, you can go ahead and pledge right now on our Patreon to take advantage of these perks. If you are a current patron and would like to upgrade from the $5 reward, you can edit your pledge amount at any time. More information about our Patreon and other forms of donations can be found on our Pledge page.

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