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A lot of you may already know, I have been trying to work on Logic Gate Studios full-time lately. Streaming takes a lot of work and if I want to do it properly, I will need to put my full attention into LGS. My major goals as of right now is to improve the stream quality and deliver a set of YouTube creative content video series that I have been putting on hold for a really long time.​

In the past, I have had full-time work holding me back from putting enough needed attention into LGS and with everyone’s support, I believe we can take LGS to the next level and ultimately expand the presence of the Smash community in Ontario around the world.​

With enough funding, I will be able to maintain a full focus on LGS and ultimately expand the business to levels I couldn’t possibly attain before. It is with great hope that I ask the Smash community to come together and support Logic Gate Studios with as much as you can comfortably offer. We promise to continue our exceptional work and to keep improving our content. I have lot’s of great things in store for everyone and it all starts here with your help!