2017 Season 3

Southern Ontario Smash 4 Power Ranking

September 2017 – January 2018

Detailed Player Statistics

We have compiled the data for the Southern Ontario Season 3 Power Rankings! You can find the top 10 ranked players stats and seasonal performance including highlighted achievements, head-to-head results and much more!

Player Rankings

3 1

4 3

5 4

7 1







Tournament Eligibility

Clause 1


For any given event to count towards the Power Rankings, tournament pre-registration is required. In extreme cases, exceptions can be made on a per-tournament basis.

Clause 2

Out-of-Region Results

Out-of-region results, including weeklies, will count towards Southern Ontario's Power Ranking. However, this will only apply to tournaments that count for that regions Power Ranking.

Clause 2.1

Any events taking place outside of Southern Ontario will be considered out-of-region events as they have little to no interaction with Southern Ontario.

Clause 2.2

This clause overrides Clause 1 if applicable.

Clause 2.3

Any event location not listed in our Southern Ontario city list is considered out-of-region.

Clause 3

Tournament Series

Weeklies within Southern Ontario will not count toward's the Power Ranking. This applies to bi-weeklies, tri-weeklies, or any series that takes place more than once a month.

Clause 4


All tournaments in Southern Ontario with mid-game coaching legal will not be valid.

Clause 5

Entry and Prize Pool

A tournament that is free to enter or has no prize pool will not count. This clause overrides all previous clauses when applicable. However, exceptions can be made in extreme cases.